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Continue your life-long learning by joining the Seniors’ College Association of Nova Scotia, a registered non-profit organization dedicated to providing non-credit academic courses to seniors (age 50+) in Nova Scotia.

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Essential Lifestyle Health Tips for Seniors

We’re all well-versed with the saying “Old-age is second childhood”. When we take so much care at the arrival of a baby in our homes – baby-proofing the apartment et al., why not do your bit for the people who are going through this phase of life? Or even if you live by yourself, make sure you make this part of your life comfortable and safe. We have a few tips for you, which will help you start off on this journey of securing your second childhood!

  • Keep aside a part of your day for your physical activities:

It need not be something strenuous or hard-core, but a light, easy-going and fun activity is something that you should pursue to maintain your health and keep illnesses at bay. A brisk walk or even wading around in the swimming pool can prove to be beneficial as a mood-lifter and also keep you fit.

  • A well-balanced diet is a must:

Instead of pumping in those bitter pills, try and infuse your diet with all the vitamins you require. So if you know you’re deficient in calcium or a particular vitamin, make sure you include it in your diet. And if this is not enough, supplements are always available. Make sure you get your diet and supplement intake approved by your doctor.

  • Keep your hobbies alive:

Whether it’s cooking, gardening, collecting stamps or playing the guitar – never let your hobbies die down. Make it a part of your routine to do what you love. Also, a little karaoke and barbeque night with friends can never go wrong!

  • Don’t let stress get the better out of you:

    Don’t fret over frivolous issues and become that cranky old person you never wanted to be. Old-age is a phase where you have the freedom to be a child again- so make most of it! Listen to your favourite songs, meditate or just stroll around the park. Do anything that keeps your stress at bay and makes you feel good!

  • Keep harmful habits away:

    Smoking and drinking were and will always be bad for health. If you are habituated to smoking and drinking, you need to pull the string and take it easy! Substitute your alcohol with fresh fruit juices and smoking with fresh air!



  • Make a few changes in your home:

    Small changes in your home can make a huge difference. You could consider the following tips:

    • Declutter your home and make it as free of mess and obstacles as possible. This will give you more space for movement.
    • Make arrangements for switches at the top and bottom of your staircase.
    • Install handrails for all your staircases.
    • Cover any sharp edges of furniture to avoid injuries due to accident bumping.
    • Keep all essential and emergency medicines well within reach.
  • Get regular checkups done:

    You sure don’t want to get bogged down by any illness. To prevent illnesses at the onset itself, make sure you have scheduled those regular visits to the doctor. Get your tests done after regular intervals so that you can keep a track on how to change your lifestyle to improve your health.

Last and most important, old-age doesn’t mean the end of it all. It’s a part of your life, and you need to make the most of it! Don’t let anything dampen your spirits, but yes, do take care of yourself, too.

How to live Happily during Old-Age!

Two scenarios, just think it over:

a)The grumpy old uncle who lives on the second floor, yells at the kids playing cricket in the street and never returns their ball.
b)Jolly Uncle who sings melodious songs of those days, is always all smiles, plays with little kids and spreads cheer everywhere!

The choice is YOURS! Who do you want to be? Grumpy Uncle or Jolly Uncle? Well, we have listed some stuff that will help you convert from grumpy to jolly in no time! And if you’re already jolly, well that’s just great….continued to spread happiness everywhere!

  • Listen to music and sing along:

    What’s the point of those melodies being played when there’s no one sing along? So yes, whenever you play those songs, make sure you sing your heart out!! It not only releases stress but also makes your environment full of positivity!

  • Go for a walk every day:

    Preferably go to the park twice a day – early in the morning and then later in the evening. The reason why I specifically said the park is that there are loads of little kids running around! You can also have a little game with these kids and have some fun with them and make yourself the favourite Grandpa/Grandma of the park!!

  • Swim your worries away:

    Okay now, swimming doesn’t mean full-fledged laps! Just get into the pool and wade and see the difference it makes! If you can float facing the sun, there’s nothing better! It’s such a mood lifter that you’ll make it a point to get into the pool every day! Aqua-therapy at its best!

  • Organise get-togethers:

    Who said you could not have fun? Call your friends over for a game of cards or carrom or as I said before, a karaoke and barbeque night will give you the fun of your lives! Celebrate each others birthdays and every little special occasion. Life’s precious and make sure you make the most of it!

  • Cook your heart out:

    If cooking is not your thing, make it! Cooking is a real therapy. Try to whip up some simple, healthy but delicious recipes and then sit back and relish your creation!

  • Solve puzzles and sudokus:

    Get a huge puzzle from the neighbourhood store and try to put it back together! You can also bond with your friends over this. Pick out the newspaper and solve the Sudoku! Do it every day and see how you’ll end up being the Sudoku-Master! These activities keep your mind active and don’t let a dull moment come by.

  • Go out, explore places:

    Get together with your friends and organise trips to unique locations. For starters, you could go to a farm nearby to enjoy the roasted corn from the first harvest! Or even go hiking to some spot where the terrain is easy.



  • Join a hobby class:

    Pursue your hobbies and never shy from picking new ones! Learn a musical instrument or learn pottery. You could even enrol yourself in a baking workshop or something whacky like jazz or salsa classes!

Being old doesn’t mean you have to keep yourself indoors or tied to the bed! Like we said before, you have to make a choice! Get yourself out into the world; there are a whole lot of opportunities that will make you enjoy this beautiful phase of life!!

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